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Renewable Energy Ambassador Programme 2021

About the Programme:

The Renewable Energy Society of India (RESI) is pleased to announce the Renewable Energy Ambassador Programme 2021 focused on the growth of the renewable energy sector, and also to create an ecosystem that promotes the usage of renewable energy and to find innovative solutions through modern technology and sharing good practices.

Every year RESI organizes an event called REIMAGINING, a free and entirely online event, designed to connect global participants to share their common experiences through a digital platform. Speakers from around the world have the possibility to share ideas, good practices, and solutions.

The Renewable Energy Ambassador Programme 2021 aims at accelerating the worldwide effort to scale up the development and deployment of renewable energy and connect the global investment community with Indian energy stakeholders. The program will include multiple sessions, exhibition, and B2B meeting on an e-platform with participants from around the world, attending the several technical sessions, interactions conference, and other activities on renewables and future energy choices in order to help and encourage RE in key areas like grid modernization, recycling, power system preparation, clean energy projects, logistics, utilities, and climate-related issues to explore how RE can be instructed in the area of research, skill development, and entrepreneurship.

The flagship program is for the year 2021 and is an interactive platform to supports the scientific swarms of organizations, laboratories/researchers/academics/students forum/international groups, and R&D partners.

As an important member and with your technical background in the renewable sector, I am writing to invite you to participate in this important program. The program would also offer an excellent opportunity for you and your company to showcase your potential and capabilities in this sector. 

Registration will be close on 25 November 2020. Please don’t miss your participation at Renewable Energy Ambassador 2021.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Renewable Energy Ambassador 2021.  

Yours sincerely,


Benefits of becoming the Renewable Energy Ambassador 2021:

  • Network with people who have common interests.

  • Access to training sessions with experts on sustainable development issues on RE.

  • Gain recognition in your State/country as a benchmark in RE and related issues.

  • Access to free tickets to participate in virtual events and programs.

  • Possibility of participating in campaigns in your area on Renewable Energy & Climate Change.

  • Features of ambassadors on RESI’s Journal of RE & on Innovation blog.

  • Paid commission for any sponsors signed up by the ambassador.

  • Featured photo and bio on the RESI website.

  • Recommendation letter and certificate received at the end of the period.


The program lasts for 1 year, starting in January 2021 to December 2021

  • First Quarter: Theoretical phase of participation in workshops/training to acquire knowledge

  • Second Quarter: Practical Phase to organize Virtual Hubs and online Programs

  • Third Quarter: Promotion phase in social networks of Virtual Summit 2021

  • Fourth Quarter: Follow up and action after Virtual Summit

Ambassadors Responsibilities:

  • Participate in 1 monthly training on sustainable development topics

  • Participate in 1 monthly meeting on Ambassador Program updates

  • Must attend at least 60% of meetings and training

  • Organize an event (Hub) prior to virtual summit 2021 in the local community

  • Promote Virtual Summit 2021 in your community such as writing or media

  • Creation of a video to invite your community to participate in Virtual Summit

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants can be of any age

  • Applicants must have a connection with Renewable Energy related subject.

  • Applicants must be passionate about the issues, innovation and sustainable development in this sector.

  • Applicants must have a desire to change the world.

  • Applicants must be highly motivated to represent their State/country in our network.

  • Applicants must be committed to participating in meetings and trainings

Don't miss the deadline!! 

Successful applications will be notified by the second half of December.
If you have any questions about your application, please contact or

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