Meeting with RE Developers' Associations under Chairmanship of Chairperson, CEA

Agenda Points

-Reconciliation of Figures (IC) by MNRE/SLDC

-Use of Unique Registration number as available in E-gen portal of CEA for each developer

-Formats for data publication

-Centre / State/private nomenclature standards

-Generation: gross, ex bus, ex-pooling station, SEM data, SCADA data, etc.

-Type of Project, bundling, Storage, PPAs, connectivity

-Under construction project, Schedule, commissioning

-Selling of generation- single utility, multi-utility, ST, MT, LT, exchange.

-RE for ancillary support to grid / State grid

-RE Construction standards preparation

-RE safety regulation.

-List of equipment being used RE Projects.

Inputs from the Member of Renewable Energy Society of India (RESI) on RE/Hydrogen/EVs

  1. Waiver of ISTS charges for running green hydrogen and ammonia setups, from 30th June 2025, should be extended till 2030

  2. Incentives for using hydrogen and its demand creation should also be emphasized separately.

  3. There is a need for standardization and specification of the Hydrogen ecosystem and need to be incorporated in the policy guidelines so that it becomes a commercially tradable commodity.

  4. Stranded Thermal Plant can be identified by CEA and can integrate the possibility of integrated Green Hydrogen and Ammonia plant

  5. Possibility of Exporting the Green Hydrogen can be explored through identification of suitable ports and plant location and can be bided out through SECI

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