International webinar on "Island Innovation in India"

Island Innovation in India

The International webinar on "Island Innovation in India" was organized by the Renewable Energy Society of India (RESI), as a pre-event of the Virtual Island Summit 2020 (September 7-13, 2020) to recognize and appreciate the local context, challenges, and opportunities for sustainability problems in the islands. Sign up for the more details about Virtual Island Summit 2020 on Speakers in VIS:

About Virtual Island Summit?

Sharing knowledge for resilient, sustainable and prosperous islands worldwide.

The Virtual Island Summit is a free and entirely online event designed to connect global islands to share their common experiences through a digital platform. Join islanders from around the world to share ideas, good practices and solutions.

Free access to world-class experts. The Summit will be a free event to attend in order to ensure maximum accessibility to expertise from a variety of fields.

Interactive sessions in various formats. The Summit will imitate a traditional in-person event with opportunities to interact with speakers and other attendees with the goal of creating an online community.

A diverse range of viewpoints. Speakers and attendees from 100+ island communities including the Arctic, Caribbean, Europe, Indian Ocean, Pacific Islands, South America and beyond…

A zero carbon conference. The Summit will use modern technology to maximize opportunities for participation and minimize harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

The SDGs and beyond. The Summit will covers all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in addition to other topics pertinent to island communities.

Cross-sector collaboration. The Summit will emphasize the need for input and partnerships from across the private, public, academic and NGO sectors.


Island Innovation is focused on building and strengthening digital bridges to connect a global community of forward-thinking, active and engaged individuals who are committed to improving the world through sustainable solutions.


Island Innovation is a social enterprise that works with rural and island stakeholders and taps into our global network to find innovative and locally-appropriate opportunities.

Pre-event speakers: James Ellsmoor, Founder, Island Innovation and Speakers from many Islands including VIS Ambassadors, visit https:/ for more details

Date & time for pre event: 05 Sept, 2020 | 12:00 Noon to 13.30 PM India Standard Time, Ti