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About Mercom India Solar Forum 2021

Mercom India Solar Forum 2021, organized by Mercom India, will bring together industry and government dignitaries on Mercom’s exclusive platform on Thursday, October 21, 2021, to discuss a wide range of topics affecting the sector.


Mercom is widely recognized for its leadership and influence in helping shape India’s rapidly growing clean energy markets.


Despite the effects of the pandemic and the economic challenges the world over, renewables, especially solar power, has turned out to be a winner. In India, we see a strong emphasis on increasing the share of grid-connected solar. After accelerating solar project development, the government has now shifted its focus to domestic manufacturing. Businesses, industries, and even residences are increasingly embracing solar and contributing to reducing their carbon footprint. While distribution companies are driven by renewable purchase obligations, C&I entities are seeing a business case in going solar to reduce their operational costs.


The solar industry in India was negatively affected in the calendar year (CY) 2020 with the spread of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns. However, despite a severe pandemic surge, the effect on solar was less so, with lockdowns being much more targeted. Consequently, installation numbers for CY 2021 will turn out to be much stronger.


Powered by Mercom India Research and the comprehensive reporting by the Mercom India News team, the Mercom Solar Forum 2021 will breakdown the current state of the Indian solar industry, the major shifts and dive deep into emerging trends in installations and manufacturing.


The virtual event will bring together top investors, C-level industry executives, and government officials to discuss all that is affecting the solar landscape in India and more.

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