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Why Join Renewable Energy Society of India (RESI)

  • The Renewable Energy Society of India (RESI) promotes the extensive and effective usage of renewable energy for the promotion of sustainability progress, electricity availability, electricity stability, low-carbon economic growth, prosperity, and resources, like bioenergy and hydropower.

  • The RESI helps create the tough energy options tomorrow for the community to decarbonize. The analysis addresses many facets of the low-carbon energy chain, including power modeling, climate change implications, wind, tidal and solar energy, energy transfer, energy recycling, carbon control, biofuels, and electricity network distribution. RESI is now forming working groups in different industries.

  • RESI promotes the introduction of awareness supporting policies for innovation in renewable energy technologies, provides concrete instruments and policy guidance to promote solar energy adoption, and enables information exchange and transfer of technology to supply the nation's growing population with safe and sustainable electricity.​

  • RESI provides a shared forum for young and mature RE researchers. RESI is also a critical discussion platform for RE; An opportunity to enter a large RE study group.

  • Young and aspiring scientists will communicate with the world's leading experts.

  • Possibility of collecting details about all RESI-sponsored activities.

  • The admission fee reductions of series conventions and any other RESI-funded activities shall be charged to all RESI participants.

  • Financial support may be given to students/associates during their research tours.​

  • Every individual who has a degree in some subject at the age of 18 and/or over will become a student member of the organization. The Member, Sr Member, Fellow Member & Advisory Board is, besides that, the type of Member Body. A unique participant is a group comprising professionals and people eligible to join.

  • If the required subscription plan is accomplished, the participation charge is refundable. 

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​To join RESI, he/she has to register online at the membership application form and pay the required membership fees. 

The fee for the membership may be paid via online, cash / DD /cheque, or via wired transfer to the society bank account. If there is any surcharge over outstation DD or cheque, it is to be borne by the member.

The Membership can be joined by using the application form at the end of the section and paying the fee as per the link given in the next section. 

If, interested to JOIN the Technical Community of RESI, fill the Membership Form Link