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RESI has a Board of Directors & Members that is the Society’s central decision-making body. It is composed of the President/Chair/Patron/Deputy Patron & Director General, the Vice-Chairmans, the Secretary General, the Joint Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Members. During the Annual General Body Meeting, RESI Executive Committee shall be elected for a period of two years by the Fellow Members / Sr Members of the Society. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for any official activity of the Society during this time.

In addition to the EC, the Advisory Board is the main pillar of the RESI's management, promoting the smooth operation of meetings, webinars, conferences, and public engagement with various state governments, industries & institutes, and providing the most important aspect of the organization.

In all regions, RESI has also appointed its Regional Representatives (RRs). All activities related to RESI in the region are carried out by a national representative. It is anticipated that it will support the RESI in its area. Researchers are currently invited to submit proposals as regional RESI representatives.


RESI Board


Vice-Chairman (Industry)

Ex- MD, Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Ltd. (KREDL), Karnataka, India

Prof. (Dr.) Mohammad Israr-Photo.jpg

Prof (Dr.)  Mohammad Israr

Vice-Chairman (P&D)


Vice-Chancellor Mewar International University Masaka, Nasarawa State, Federal Republic of Nigeria


Vice-Chairman (IR)

Director- Albert Einstein Engineering and Research Labs (AEER Labs), Tamil Nadu, India

Clean Energy

Advisory Board Members

Clean Energy
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