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Benefits of RESI Membership

Technical participation advantages : Professional Community advantages

  • Both RESI papers published in RESI 's Interactive Research Paper Library (RESI-RPL) are free open to the members of RESI.

  • RESI offers a forum to address the basic principles relevant to RE and its ally with specialists from different businesses, universities, policy agencies, and regional bodies.

  • The costs for publishing academic work in RESI conferences or publications would be cut by 30 percent

  • Help for publication in Scopus Indexed of Conference publications accepted by the UGC Journals (Conditions applied).

  • RESI 's annual magazine will be published by the end of December, containing outstanding research papers or research-related books (soft copy).

  • Following the registration process, a RESI Membership certificate will be issued within a couple of working days with the photograph of the membership number and other details of the profession. This adds credibility to the resume of the member.

  • During the issue of annual RESI awards, RESI members will receive more preference.

  • Members of the RESI Group will receive full assistance in publishing nominal textbooks

  • As regional coordinator and chief coordinator, periodic promotions will be present.

  • List of RESI Member names on the global exposure adding RESI membership website.

  • Possibility to be the International Journals reviewer.

  • The opportunity for the International / National Conference to act as Session Chair/keynote speaker.

  • Exposure via newsletter to advanced technology.

  • Adds your API score to points. 

Benefits of Student Membership

  • ​ Full support for technical papers.

  • RESI Student members are free to publish in the "RESI-Digital Library of Academic Projects" their academic project or innovative ideas.

  • The RESI Digital Library of Research Papers offers free access to all the RESI papers.

  • The fee for publishing research work in conferences or journals and for participating in seminars and training, workshops, and workshops shall be reduced by 30 percent.

  • The RESI membership certificate & details will be issued in a few business days after the registration process (soft copies only).

  • During the topic of annual RESI honors, RESI leaders may earn further priority. 

Benefits of Institute/Organizational Membership

  • ​ MOU with the Institute / Department to establish Faculty / Student Chapter.

  • Assistance to conduct National / International conferences in the institute including online publication, offline publication along conference kit.

  • The Institute's Ph.D. holders or over 15-year experience in the field of RE, together with the unique RESI ID and the certificate, receive two Free RESI Advisory Board memberships.

  • For a period of two years and later the renewal is optional, the online academic projects database of all RESI Digital Library departments.

  • Study publications (no limit on the number of pages or the number of articles) in RESI Journals or the Internet Archive of Research Paper's free indexing of national or foreign conferences in the Institute. This choice has been available for two years.

  • The RESI YEARBOOK center, which will be distributed to RESI subscribers throughout the world, will be allocated for two publicity sections.

  • Institutes would be allowed to advertise on RESI web pages every event arranged by it, which will attract more than one lakh viewers from around the world per year.

  • Resources for reporting ISBN conference proceedings.

  • Enable to publishing Scopus Registered, UGC-approved journals, in science conference articles.

  • Help for the printing of RESI Printing House thesis/textbooks with negligible costs.

Please submit your membership request at and visit the application page.

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