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Renewable Energy Society of India (RESI)
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Working to make the future brighter

  • Here at the Renewable Energy Society of India (RESI), we want to be a force for social change and we were inspired by the same ideals that we originally founded on help, empowerment, and development. Learn more about our mission, our dream, and the change we want to see at our Climate Change Non-Profit Organization.

  • RESI is a non-profit organization dealing with legal, regulatory and policy concerns in the area of Renewable Energy ( RE) science, development, and related fields. As a center of information and creativity for excellency, an advocate for sustainability, a network core and a source of guidance, RESI plays a leading position in the transition of resources as well as the intellectual spirit of institutions/labs/researchers/academics, science students/industry groups and study/drivers involved in the field of Renewable Energy and allied on critical areas like Grid Integration, Storage, Power System Planning, Hybrid Energy Technology, infrastructure, utilities and related thematic issues, including climate, environment, energy security, long term planning, and technology.

  • The RESI supports large and efficient usage in support of environmental growth, electricity availability, energy conservation, low carbon environment, and sustainability of all sources of renewable energy, including bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, sea, solar energy and wind.

  • In decarbonizing society, the RESI is helping to influence the challenging energy choices of tomorrow. Our work deals with all facets of the energy chain of low carbon: power models, climate change implications, wind, ocean, tidal and solar power transfer, energy storage, carbon capture, biofuels, and electricity supply. RESI is now in the process of setting up working groups in different fields.

  • RESI promotes awareness to enforce green energy procurement programs, offers realistic guidance and policy recommendations to speed up the rollout, and promotes the exchange of information and technologies to supply the growing nation's population with safe, reliable electricity.



The key aim of the organization is to encourage and help RE and related research activities. The RESI is often active in organizing learning activities to inspire and educate student scholars, forums, meetings, lectures, seminars, and conferences. 

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